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We know, staying motivated to work out can be difficult at times. The journey to a better YOU might not be easy but we can tell you one thing: Showing up for yourself and taking good care of your body will make you fall in love with your journey on your way to a stronger, happier, and healthier life. 

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Vladislav - PLTS Member

“I work out a lot, but the 7 am class here at PLTS is really ‘my moment’. I come here 3 times a week.”

Vladislav is a marketing and sales director at Growth Tribe. Growth Tribe is a digital learning partner for individuals and organizations, specializing in data science, growth, innovation, and customer experience. 

“My job is super fulfilling because we basically help people to upscale and improve themselves. I get my energy from the classes here at PLTS and my body really sculpts, burns, and loves it.”

Janneke - PLTS Member

"PLTS contributes to my life in a very big way. I’m here for almost 6 days a week, it’s a love affair. I start my mornings at 5:30 am with meetings and I’m here always immediately afterward in the 7 am class. That way I can clear my head and start my day."

Janneke Dröge is a designer and co-owner of Blond Amsterdam. They design and sell pottery in the Netherlands and many other countries for 21 years already.

"I have really bad arthritis and PLTS helps me to get over it. I have no more pain and my body has changed a lot since I’ve been training here. I became a lot stronger and more sculpted."

Li-li - PLTS Member

"I never feel like not going to PLTS, it just keeps my body in shape. And it’s also very nice to combine it with dancing, since I take a lot of heels classes I need to have a strong core. So it’s the perfect workout for me."

Li-li is a 40-year-old mom of 3 girls. She organizes dance workshops combined with food. Together with her husband, she owns the restaurant Karaat Amsterdam. 

"I think it’s wonderful that I can have my own business besides enjoying motherhood."

Merrith - PLTS Member

"I love to take a PLTS class early in the morning or during my work day. It gives me new energy for the rest of the day. For me, it is the perfect combination of sports: Training the long muscles, in combination with cardio and stretching, wonderful."

Merrith has her own interior design studio in the middle of the Amsterdam canals and is one of our amazing PLTS Rockstar clients.

"My job is really my dream - and that is why I am happy every day that I get to do this. I love designing a nice, personal place for customers where every detail has been thought of - a place where they can really relax, an interior in which the customer feels the most like themself. Every time I accomplish that goal during a project, it triggers a lot of emotion in me: then my task is done. I love being able to contribute to someone's life."


"When I’m at PLTS, it clears my mind and my body is way more flexible. It helps me with my back issues and it just makes me happy to be here and to join the classes.”

Estella just launched the vegan and sustainable skincare brand called Liv Botanics and is one of our Rockstar clients. 

"My dream was that the next generation can choose brands that are natural, organic, vegan, and most important: sustainable. So that is why I started Liv Botanics. It took me 7-8 years of study, testing, and a *lot* of trial and error. But I knew I was onto something once I started getting compliments and my friends were asking for full-size products instead of the test samples I gave them, so they could continue enjoying their new skincare routine. I’ve created all the formulas myself."